2017 Manor Middle School Presidential Academic Excellence Award Recipients

June 13, 2017

Manor Middle Celebrates Mental Health Month

May 25, 2017

Students at Manor Middle have been celebrating Mental Health Month.  Throughout this week, during the morning announcements and lunch, the 5 signs of emotional suffering have been discussed.  During lunch, students made the pledge to recognize the 5 signs and to help change the culture surrounding mental health and wellness.

Change Direction PSA

Change Direction Lancaster County

Students of the Month

March 27, 2017

Congratulations Manor Middle School!

January 31, 2017

This DISTINGUISHED crew…Dr. Leichliter, Maricia Kligge, Amy Niemkiewicz, and Danielle Rogers accepted the “Distinguished School” award on Monday, January 30, 2017 at a conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

Suggested Supply List

August 9, 2016


General Supplies:

a large pencil pouch

box of pencils

thin colored markers and/or colored pencils

pens (blue or black)


a highlighter

glue stick(s)

1+ pack of 3-holed punched notebook paper (100 sheets or more)

at least SIX 3-hole punched pocket folders (one for each class)

2 – 2” binders

scientific calculator with fraction capabilities (recommended calculator:  TI-30X IIS)

3” binder or a zipper binder to hold all above materials.

A READING BOOK AT ALL TIMES! This will be needed every day for pleasure reading. A paperback from the library is a good choice. No magazines or catalogs, please.

*Donations are accepted throughout the school year and can be given to your homeroom teacher.