Solar Eclipse 

April 3, 2024

Solar eclipses are wondrous natural events, and we want to ensure that Penn Manor students and staff have a safe and enjoyable experience on Monday, April 8. During the eclipse, we will experience a period of diminished light, similar to twilight, beginning at 2:06 p.m. and peaking at 3:22 p.m. before ending at 4:34 p.m. 

Penn Manor is not altering school schedules on April 8 and is not providing special eyewear for viewing the eclipse. It is important to emphasize that students must never look at the sun directly, even while the eclipse is under way. 

Teachers may want to consider creating a safe pinhole camera to view the crescent sun indirectly during the eclipse. This simple technique projects the image onto the pavement or sidewalk. Here's how:

We also encourage staff members and students to safely watch the eclipse live via NASA's live video stream: Additional eclipse educational resources are available here:

Thank you for helping to make this historic event a safe and enjoyable experience for our students.

Manor announces January students for the month

February 22, 2024

Students from all four academic teams were recently recognized as students of the month for February.


Brayden Beckley

Lila Birch

Lexie Hanna

Kirill Molodin

Nhu (Sophia) Pham


Madeline Gieg

Jayce Lopez

Frederick Mejia Joseph

Annaleigh Tuel


Aaron Charles

Sukriya Chhetri

Dylan Drennen

Carly Koehler


Elijah Bailey

Natalie Robertson

Giovanni Rodriguez

Avery Thompson

Tessa Wolf